City Charnay-les-Macon is marked by the diversity and richness of its land and landscapes. Next to Macon, the city is imbued with heritage and history.

The winery Gueugnon Remond is an integral part of the tourist attractiveness of the region.

The reputation of the local wine tradition began, according to legend, in 1660 when Claude Brosse, merchant, made known the Mâcon wines Louis XIV.

In addition to the quality of local wines, tourists will enjoy a beautiful environment with a framework that combines the vines and rocks, monuments, castles and heritage breathtaking.

The vine does not care less privileged place in the Mâcon (71 Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne) which are located 125 hectares of vineyards.

You will discover on the operation of the winery Gueugnon Remond character wines made in accordance with the traditions to offer discerning oenophiles alike budding pleasures still intense.